Benefits of Mulching, Retaining Walls, and Fertilization in Boerne, Texas

 Once you have completed creating your landscape, the next task is maintenance.

Landscape or lawn care, whether residential or commercial entails a lot but this post will focus mainly on mulching, retaining walls and fertilization.

Boerne Mulching

The trick to revamping your lawn is through mulching.  For mulching, you can use any matter provided it can spread easily including stones, saw dust leaves, barks, and grass. Mulching does not only make your lawn adorable but also come with much more advantages.

 Mulching provides the cover that curbs the evaporation of water into the air.  Through the reduced water loss, the plants can have water for extended durations which lowers the number of times you water.

Secondly, mulching helps to control the erosion of the top soil either through the water carried by the wind or the water.   As such, the roots of the plants remain intact. 

 Also, in the event that the matter used in mulching can break down, for example, grass and shredded leaves, it forms a great source of nutrients.

Lastly, mulching helps to maintain the temperature of the soil.   During Winter season, the soil can retain it warmth whilst it gets cooler during the summer.

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Boerne Retaining Walls
 It's possible that the land on which you want to develop your lawn is not level.  In such a scenario, you need to design a structure whose role cannot be underestimated.

Retaining walls offer aesthetic appeal making the lawn and the nearby structures stand out unique. In landscaping, retaining walls transform the look of the lawn and the surrounding facilities. 

 Besides, they are important in holding the soil in place on uneven grounds.   That is to imply that the surrounding buildings and other structures cannot be damaged in the event of a landslide.

Besides combating a landslide, retaining walls also help to curb the erosion of the top soils in the lawn.

 The services of a professional landscaper are  necessary if you're to install retaining walls that will last long and which will boost the look of your home and the surrounding.

Boerne Fertilization Services
Aside from proper mowing and irrigation, you need a proper fertilization program for your lawn if you're to have a quality lawn.

 Fertilization is an integral part of the landscaping if you're to maintain a green lawn lush, keep weeds away and ensure the plants remain healthy.

 If the plant lacks nutrients it may look dull and you have to know the fertilizer to apply and the time of application.

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